Ducks!: a book review

A trip to grandmas is always a pleasure but a summer trip is particularly wonderful. My grandparents live just across the street from a lake that is teaming with ducks and other nature to explore and explore we did! We came home from our trip with my two year old beyond in love with ducks. So as any good book loving mama would do I quickly checked the library for one that we all would enjoy.

I have recently discovered the teachings of Charlotte Mason and a passion for living books and this one almost fits the bill. (Pun intended.) Ducks! By Gail Gibbons is so beautifully illustrated that it’s an easy book to be captivated by, it truly is lovely and I’m having a hard time retrieving it from my two year olds hands. The text is a bit wordy, yet so full of facts that it’s something that mama can glean information from and sound like a duck expert to her kids. (“Wow mom, you are so smart!” Or so I imagine they want to say.) It is the well labeled illustrations that make this book a win for me.

“Mama, what is this duck.” My 4 year old now wants to know. “Well that is a Oldsquaw. And do you see that one with the big bill? He is a Shoveler, why do you think he is called that?” Big knowing grin, “because he shovels” .

Can you hear the theme to Reading Rainbow? I do every time we take a look in a book and I watch my children travel and learn while snuggled in my lap.

***This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links I may receive financial compensation. That means more books for me to review for you!***


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