Morning musings in August

“Good Morning!” The boiling water says to me as it bids me to wake up with a cuppa. Tea is my caffeinated beverage of choice. I do not mind the occasional coffee and sometimes I long for its strong and slightly bitter taste, but most of the time it fatigues me too much after it sends me into overdrive and my day doesn’t like that.

It is a beautiful still sunny morning in the Milwaukie Oregon area with a deceptively pleasing aroma of camp fire. So many forest fires in the area that the sky is hazy and if you travel south irritating to breath. Concern for our local neighbors and firemen is real but the threat is not nearly the same as the one our Washington neighbors have been facing.

I am thankful for the men and women who rush to the front line to protect us. Who set their life to the side so we can be kept safe. I sip my tea and breath in the air and pray for each of those in danger that they are kept safe too. I breath in “camp fire” and pray for the families who have lost love ones to these fights. I look up into the bright sunny sky and join many others in prayer for rain.


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