We have wanted to more somewhere warmer since before we were married, the PacNW is beautiful and on a warm sunny day no place better. But let’s face it, there is a reason Twilight was set in this neck of the woods! However, the debate on where that someplace warmer has been ongoing. California is out, it’s just not us. Arizona, Southern Nevada…maybe. Texas or Florida…likely! But have you noticed how BIG those states are? And even if we choose a state, how do we choose an area to buy a house and put down roots from half or a full country away? Our solution, buy a motorhome and go check it all out.

So that is what we are doing folks! We are packing up the house, selling donating and storing very little and hitting the road in search of our new home. Along the way we are going to have the best field trip ever! And when asked the question “So you know you are going to be gypsies, right?” Yep, we are….for a season because like Dr. Who says “Allons-y”.


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