Our Maiden Voyage: Part 1

Well, we survived our first trip to the dump station! It was dark, cold and stinky but we managed to empty our gray and black tanks with a little help from YouTube and prepared for our first overnight….BOONDOCKING! Thank you Cabelas for providing us with both services.

So, here we are in the middle of a parking lot (hello fellow boondockers), it’s way past the kids bedtime so we are getting them tucked into the main bed. My husband and I snuggle into the couch and since we have not figured out how the real TV works yet, we propped up my kindle and watched some Kate and Leapold thanks to a pre download Amazon Prime.

Sometime early into the movie, after we folded out the couch and I fell asleep, my Cupcake (4.5) wakes up in tears! A bad dream or the new environment, I’m not sure but being wrapped into mamas arms and tucked back into bed did the trick for drifting back to sleep. Then THE SOUND! Loud, from the furnace…Dear-God-what-is-that-are-we-going-to-blow-up SOUND! We turned off the gas heat, checked the detectors, and tried electric heat instead.Nope, still have the sound! There is for sure something going on with our heater.and because it’s 2am, we are boondocking and really have no idea what we are doing…we turn off EVERYTHING and crawls into bed with the kids.

Now here we are, in Southern Washington in winter huddled in our own 40′ igloo. Only I’m pretty sure and igloo would be wRmer. So around 6 something we buckle everyone in and head off in search of a Starbucks and shop for a space heater till we can figure out why ours is making THAT SOUND!



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