Our Maiden Voyage: Part 2

Another night, this time prepared with an electric heater and RedBox. I mean, why drive back to our “sticks & bricks” on New Years Eve when I can spot more DUIs then gas stations. So instead of heading back late we boondocked again. And this time it was way easier! We put out the slides, turned on the portable heater and tucked the kids into bed.

Husband and I snuggled up with a Deep S snack plate (Trim Healthy Mama) and a little Mission Impossible 5 and before long we are both asleep and except for fireworks at midnight (been in the middle of no where) it was an uneventful night. However, the morning was less so.

Knock, knock, knock! Now it’s still pretty dark out and I know their is no good reason to be knocking at our RV door. So I wake my husband and here is some crazy guy (drugged out?) at our door. Safety one-oh-one, you DO NOT open your door to strangers. Especially ones who show up at your home on wheels in the middle of the night asking for directions. Ummm, where did he come from? So he leaves and as we are preparing to roll out, HE COMES BACK and starts walking around our rig! Fourunatly nothing bad happened, but it gave us a bit of a scare and a whole lot of wisdom to use even MORE caution when choosing a boondocking site. (Looks like all the folks we thought were hanging out with us were just parked, oops. Well, at least we got a good chuckle out of that.)

So we jetted out of dodge and found a populated grocery store parking lot to wake up in. The Starbucks and McDonalds with the HUGE Playplace was just a bonus. Glad to say the rest of our trip back to pack up the house was uneventful with only the delighted exclamations from the kids over the new views they get to enjoy.

Yep, that’s us. A family who doesn’t camp, who have never driven a motorhome let alone owned one, on our maiden voyage.

Oh, and THAT SOUND, super easy fix and we are enjoying heat once again!


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