Morning Musings I have more time…and less

When I started this blog, the road trip adventure, I expected to have so much more time to feed my desire to write. And while I have had so much more time it’s been spent in other ways.

I am the Navigator!
No not the Disney Movies of my childhood, however I feel like the Google map lady and I now have a similar relationship. My husband does the driving and I keep my eyes on the map…and the landscape.
There is so much to see that I’ve never seen before and I’ve been content to spend hours in the saddle so to speak enjoying the view and visiting with my man. (However, audio books do a good job of filling some hours on the road as well.)
I am the Chef.
We actually eat out more often as a family then we have in years and my husband is great about helping stock our cupboard with healthy quick cook meals; but I’m gluten free and lean towards a Trim Healthy Mama meal plan. So add all that to a family of 5 with not a lot of room for bulk cooking or freezing and it keeps my day full.
I am the Dishwasher.
When your family has one set of dishes and eats mostly from scratch meals that means a lot of time in the kitchen. And as long as I have my rubber gloves it’s not so bad…after all its just one set of dishes over after dinner over and over again.
(Shhhh….I have some plans in place to work me out of the above two jobs or at least cut my hours back.)
I am the Assistant.
My husband still works full time and there are plenty of times that I am enlisted to help. After all I am his help mate and he is also wonderful about helping me keep our home spit spot clean. Teamwork is a wonderful thing folks!
I am Teacher. I am the Mama.
I’ve always been a stay at home mom. But I’ve had more time then I’ve ever had to be along side my little people. More snuggle. More play. More exploration. And yes, I have had more time to teach them. (I don’t want to think of myself as their “Teacher” any more, nor do I want them to think of me as their Teacher anymore. There is a plan in place for adjusting this too.)
I am the Wife.
And I have more time spent with my husband now in all the time we have been married.  No more late work nights…unless you count being on the laptop while watching a movie. No more travel away from home, because home and the family travel too. Hours of conversation (that gig as navigator helps with that). It is delightful getting to hang out all the time with my best friend.
I am still the Introvert.
So when I can I eek out moments in each day to recharge I take them and often writing is the last thing on my mind. I have read quite a bit and that has been delightful for me. But even my Pumpkin is challenging me to write more so if they let me have a little more quiet time I expect I will be able to pen more words each day. And when I am writing- in that zone- I must admit that it recharges me pretty well to.
Well, we are heading fully into year two now and I know more about our family dynamic and quirks of living on the road then before. With that in mind I expect to share more of my rambling and book suggestions and so on as if you were joining me for tea.