Math Fun-Schooling my 9 year old

Fun-Schooling! Did you even know there was such a thing? I wanted there to be, I tried to make it something like that…but too often I have ended up trying to recreate “school” at home. And that is especially challenging while being on the go, we don’t have a schedule, road-schooling family.

I’m not sure when I first heard of Thinking Tree but I know that I had a bunch of other stuff we were doing and and adding something else wasn’t going to work for us. Then I won Comic Book Math from Homeschool6 and my son fell in love. And let’s face it, so did I!
So while I will still embrace Charlotte Masons style of teaching I will confess that I and doing my much more of a Relaxed Charlotte Mason mama and these Fun-Schooling Journals are a great fit for us and brought me back to other choices I had originally made but let slip to the wayside.
Our 9/10 year olds math
  • Math Lessons for a Living Education book* 2 & 3. This was originally my first choice for math but for some odd reason I tried something else. So because we year round and because a big chunk of book 2 is review for us I expect that we will do both this year. I’d just start in book 3book 3 BUT I want him to hear the fun story and experience the hands on amzingness of these books. (I’m a big fan Angela O’Dell’s and have plans to dig into her history books sooner then later also see well.)
 This post does contain affiliate links, but as always only to things we love.
These are the other Math Fun-Schooling journals I will be doing with Pumpkin as we work through them one at a time.

And because math is more then just “math problems”

*I strongly suggest you make your purchase of Math Lessons for A Living Education directly from Master Books to ensure that you have the most current and updated copy that will include any edited corrections.

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