The SLOW Loop- Updated

We do school year round for so many reasons, however I tend to forget that and try to fit like 3 years worth of learning into 365 (or less) days. What am I thinking? That I don’t want my kids to miss out on everything. The madness has to stop and I need to focus on not just what I want them to learn but also about the environment that they are learning in.

After all one of the reasons we year round is because I want to cultivate a love of learning, a life style of learning in our family. What I don’t want is my kids to look back and think “all I ever did with mom is school”. I want them to remember cooking with me, giggling and snuggling and having fun conversations.

I recently took a Master Class over at Read Aloud Revival and she had us think about what our Rule of 6 is. (You can search #ruleof6 and you will see all sorts of ideas and I’m sure other blog posts explaining it.) This is ours, and it speaks to the environment I’d like to create in our family.

In Our Days As Much As We Can, We Will…

Seek God

Read Wonderful Stories

Cook Good Food

Cultivate Relationships

Diligently Pursue Our Talents as we Hone Our Skills

Experience & Explore the World

I’ve love the concept of a loop schedule,  it fits really well for our traveling lifestyle. But I was still trying to fit too much into each day and week. Well last night while driving down I80, someplace in the mid-west, I had an epiphany.  I can loop EVERYTHING because we do “school” year round. And that means I get more time back into my day to be Mama, and not just teacher.

Here is what our SLOW LOOP looks like that gives me more quality time with each of my children and allows me to stick to Charlotte Mason style short lessons.

Morning-ish Time Symposium Loop

So calling it Morning Time just didn’t make sense since we don’t always get to it in the morning…plus isn’t Symposium such a lovely work.

Pumpkin’s Individual Lesson Plan

Cupcakes Individual Lesson Plan

  • One on One with mom & Fun-Schooling Basket & Educational Apps

Macaroons Individual Lesson Plan

  • One on One with mom & Educational Apps

Quiet Time Loop

Afternoon Loop

But wait! Where is language arts? Where is math? Where is art class and art appreciation?  What about geography? Where is music and cooking and handicrafts and everything else? And isn’t that the beauty of if this schedule! (I use that term loosely.) It’s all there, it’s just not all crammed into one day or even into one week. And if there is a day we don’t get to everything, well that’s why it’s a loop so we can get to it the next day.

Can you see my shoulders relaxing as I see the logic to this solution for our family?

This Slow Loop does not include personal daily reading time or helping hands because we will not be looping those. And it does contain affiliate links, but only to things I love.


Edit Update:

Trying to loop the Pastries individual work just wasn’t working…it got to be TOO much and Too complicated. So I’ve refined it and also took out the Hands On time rotation with hopes of finding more natural places to work it in without the pressure of even the loop schedule.


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