Morning Musings: Mother’s Day

I took such a fun little What Disney Mom Are You this morning, you know one of those Facebook personality tests. They are silly but fun. Anyway, Disney told me I was most like Hera.

Your reputation is no myth. You’re a kind, compassionate and loving mother, although sometimes a bit too overprotective. You’re determined to go the distance with your family, sticking with them through good times and bad. When it comes to family, you’re a true goddess.


A Disney personality test shouldn’t stir up so many emotions…but it did. Maybe its because my emotions are on high alert right now. Too little sleep, too long days, too much stress, too little healthy food, too little exercise. Hmmm look at all that TOO, too much and too little tend to reek havoc.

I digress.

This little Disney test reminded me of being Greek…or better yet of NOT being Greek. My mom was Greek and she hated it. (I’m pretty sure that had more to do with biological family connections then actual nationality.) But I loved it!

I’ve always had a firm Jesus foundation as my history but I thought it was so neat to be directly related to these people who told stories of Zeus and Hera and Aphrodite and Hercules. I loved to imagine that someone in my family listed to Paul tell of Jesus. That I’d one day travel to Greece and meet someone who looked like me.

I’ve said many times and its stupid true. The hardest parts about finding out I was adopted was not seeing any of my parents features in mine/ knowing I wouldn’t see them in my children. It was like loosing them all over again. And finding out I wasn’t half Greek. Isn’t that part silly!

So Disney reminded me this morning that I’m not Greek. It reminded me about my mom. It reminded me that I’m in awesome company with Hera, that I am an awesome mom and just the ones my kids need. Even if I’m not Greek.

Now here is hoping I can find some yummy Greek food for Mother’s Day. Thoughts of Baklava have me drooling….and just maybe the connection to the food might be my favorite part of “being Greek”.





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