Math Fun-Schooling for my 6 year old

So far all math had been play based with my just turned 6 year old. While I’m fine keeping to the “start at 7” Charlotte Mason plan for my Cupcake, as I mentioned in here she is showing a desire for more. Taking a lot of what I learned from my experience with big brother I’m happy to ease into formal math education with her and play with math as a whole family.

Math plan for Cupcake age 6

Because Math is More then just math problems and exercise books.

When it is time to start a “formal curriculum  with her we will use Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 1. I’m not even going to try and dink around with other/curriculum this round. We love these books and their gentle approach to real life, hands on and relational math.  But we will be taking it slow! This book if full of so much more then just math, it can really be used as almost a full spine for her whole 1st year.

See how we are Fun-Schooling Math with big brother here.


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