Listening Time

If you are an introverted mama like I am, or if your kids no longer nap and you need a quite time activity for everyone (with secret hopes that they will all take a nap anyway). Or if your just tired of being the one to speak and you need a moment from listing to their non stop narration. (Anyone else with extroverted family members?) May I suggest Listing Time!

Listing Time is choosing an audio-story, educational teaching or music to listen to. Pretty simple isn’t it. Listing Time is also a part of our Slow Loop for when we listen as a family, but we also listen during some one on one time and on our own.


Today, my oldest woke up way too early and was super emotional and we ALL needed a break. So I had them make a bed on the floor and I turned on Ballet Stories. We listened to two of them and all felt happier when we were done.

I have Listing Time with my children but I also have Listing Time by myself. Podcasts or audio-books via headphones while I watch my children play outside or while I do some stand still housekeeping. Dishes and laundry are a great time to sneak in some listing time for mama. Right now I’m listing The Zoo Keepers Wife via Prime and its captivating! It is one I for sure will listen to with the kids when they are older, so much history and nature in it. Total living book and the narration is beautiful!

Sometimes I will listen while the kids are within hearing but otherwise occupied with play. Pumpkin discovered Jane Austin this way and was captivated by the BBC audio-drama  and fell love with Anne as well just as I did when I was his age in the same fashion.

“Mom, you may NOT listen to this book with out me! This is a book we have to share together….okay?”

Like I’m going to deprive him the love of literature or Anne or the quality time sharing books together. Books are my favorite thing and so far he is my book buddy.

Audio-books are a favorite of ours. Before we hit the road we would check out CD’s from the library, after we became a full time traveling family investing in Audible was worth it for us. And since I still lean towards the frugal side I take full advantage of my membership.

So each month I pay my monthly subscriber fee to Audible and that fee gives me a credit. I then make sure that each credit I receive is used on books that cost more then what I pay for the monthly subscription. There are even search features to help narrow that down! You can Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks.

I will also buy  eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App and choose the add narration feature, I have gotten some great deals on books that way. And if you happen to already have Kindle Unlimited you can get the audio on lots of books without actually buying the ebook and instead just purchasing narration. (FYI Kindle Unlimited is AMAZING and feeds my book addiction and they have an amazing selection of children books as well. They even have a 30-Day Free Trial!)

These are some of our favorite Audible books so far. I will try to keep this list updated as we discover new books we love.

Also, not all narrators are wonderful. I super suggest that you listen to the sample of the book before you make your purchase to make sure the narrators voice is pleasing to your ear.

This post does contain affiliate links but only to things that I love.


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