Books & Blankets

I’ve piles of picture books. Yes, even in the RV!  Then even more picture books via Epic Books for Kids and I have even more on my wish list. (Golly I miss our old library and the ability to just go pick them up whenever.) But between home-keeping, lessons, chapter books and everything else we just have not been getting to them. Or the kids just choose the same ones over and over again to read.

Then I introduced Books & Blankets. Each week I fill one of our baskets with about 14 books from our shelf and those are our books for that week. Each child gets to choose a book from the basket and them mama gets to choose a story as well. That is FOUR picture books every other day! That doesn’t even count books we read for one on one time or the Read to Me books from Epic. Or story time with daddy, he used this basket for their choices over the week too. Or poetry and literature we read for Poetry Tea Time.

Keeping the books in the basket limited to one week encourages them to choose  new books that they might not have noticed on the shelf and by keeping them in the basket allows them to be reread at any of our Books & Blanket times. I’m attempting to NOT purchase anymore picture books until we have read all the ones we have at least twice.

My husband is pretty happy about that cost saving goal. And I love that it means that anyone can do this without any extra cost. Even if their picture book collection is smaller then mine they can use the books from their library to create the same basket for the week.

Oh my gosh, we are reading SO many books! I love it!

Okay, so when its Books & Blankets time the kids each grab a blanket and they either lay back and listen, sit close and snuggle or play quietly while I read. I mix up the order I read each book chosen depending on the mood of the kids. Generally I find it best to start with the youngest or my book choice but each day is different. Then over the course of the rest of the day we will chat about the stories as they come up naturally or with gentle leading on my part.

I’ve spoken to this before but this Slow Loop rhythm is creating so much peace in our days and fostering the sweetest memories. It’s delightful that even after one short week that the kids are so excited about if it is Poetry Tea Time day or Books & Blankets day and are planning accordingly. And keeping mama accountable to the schedule too.

I don’t receive any compensation from Epic, I just love it and would love it even if I had regular library access.




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