A Double Book Review: The Popcorn Book & The Quicksand Book

I recently had the pleasure of sitting in on a web interview with Tomie de Paola  via Read Aloud Revival and I must say…he has the most delightful laugh and he is a lovely writer! My 9 year old was also enchanted by the entire experience.

Prior to the interview we were familiar with Clown of God (thank you Five In A Row) and a few of his Strega Nona stories. By the way, his telling of how those stories come to be was wonderful!

Well I was searching Epic for some new books, it’s an addiction I don’t mind. And stumbled upon a whole selection of Mr de Paola books. But it was first The Popcorn Book that captured my attention.

I could imagine us popping a bowl of popcorn and digging into this book together and that is what we did. Only I had not pre-read the book (after all its a de Paola book), well it was not what I expected!

It was better!

The Popcorn Book isn’t just a fun picture book, it’s FULL of history and science and WOW! The kids were equally surprised as I was and we’re narrating the information back to me without any prompting. Plus it includes two separate recipes! So I’m pretty sure we will be reading and playing with this book again.

Well, we still had some popcorn left and the kids noticed their were more de Paola books so they picked The Quicksand Book.

The Quicksand Book might have even been better! Like the first book it’s a story between two children and one is “the informer”. We learned so much about the science of quicksand, overcame misconceptions and learned how to save ourselves if we were to stumble into some. An extra benefit since our current resort happens to be very sandy.

Well, we went on a walk the next morning for and to my surprise my youngest, 4 year old, pointed and and talked all about quicksand the whole way. How can you not love a book that instills that kind of information in such a happy way?

I’m sure we will be reading both these books again and not only I, but my kids as well will be on the lookout for more Tomie de Paola books in the future.


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