Veglio Michelino & Fillion 2012 Barbara d’Alba DOC

I’m a PACNW girl and no stranger to rain but the other day in New Jersey was enough to having me bemoaning the weather. Braving the the drizzle and pour, in the muddy sand to pack up the RV for a trip into town. Oh how glad I was that our Wine Club had delivered that day! And the section of wines included worked well with what I was already planning for dinner.

Did you know NJ doesn’t sell wine at the grocery store? But they sell beer! It boggles my mine.

Well Italian was on the menu for that night, ground turkey meat sauce and gluten free noodles. This bottle of Barbara d’Alba was splendid with it, complemented the chocolate square for dessert and was pretty darn wonderful on its own while the chef worked.

Here is what my Wine Club says about the wine. They have a sommelier on staff so their description just might be a little better then mine.

This offering is made from 100% Barbera. It pours an intense ruby red with violet reflections in the glass. The aroma is fruit forward, with young, captivation notes of red fruits, particularly Amarena cherry and plums. On the palate there is more cherry notes with a nice balance of acids and tannins typical of Barbera. Overall a well-expressed Barbera with nice long finish. Pair this wine with past (meat or spicy sauce), grilled poultry, roasted duck, mushroom risotto, spicy vegetable dishes and strong flavored cheeses.

I’m by no means a wine connoisseur, I simply enjoy things that taste good. Personally I think it tasted like I should be dinning alfresco in the Italian country side with lots of friends and lots of laughter. I’ll happily settled for cozy at my table with my little traveling family.

And yes,  if you join I will can earn wine for free but you could be in my club and we could compare our own favorites  and you could get yours for free too. Cheers to Wine Club!



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