A Children’s Book of Verse

I was ten years old, that was almost 3 decades ago, and I can still see my daddy pulling this book of the shelf in the book store. I was so NOT interested in it, I was to busy looking for Archie comic-books. But he wanted to me to the poem The Owl and The Pussy Cat, so this is the book he bought for me that day.

We went out to eat after, just him and I and he read me the poem. I didn’t get his fascination but I enjoyed that he wanted to share it with me.

I think also, that he may have bought me this book with hopes of enriching my reading. I cannot ask him, he passed away just a few years after he gave me the book. But now that I’m a parent I can imagine myself doing the same thing for my children. Well, I do that same thing for my children.

Pumpkin would be perfectly happy to read Fly Guy every day but I now he needs a little more scope for his imagination. And I know that he would find just as much delight in many books that would not be his first choice. We are building a relationship with books, mostly in the audiobooks and read aloud I choose for us. He may only be 9, but he knows that his mama loves books and so far she has done a great job choose books that he loves as well.

Well, A Children’s Book of Verse is still one of my favorite books ever. The illustrations by Eric Kincaid are so detailed and full of magic. The selection of poems so varied that even as an adult I am enthralled with them.

A few of my favorite poems included in the book are The Highwayman…remember when Anne recited this poem in Anne of Green Gables? Oh, the hours my junior high girlfriends and I spend recreating the drama of that scene quoting that same poem. (You can watch that scene here.)

My Mother Said is another favorite, I think it had more to do with the illustrations then the verse. But I can still rattle it off if asked for a recitation on demand, along with Way Down South Where Bananas Grow.

It’s a splendid book, one I think I should buy extra of so my children can have in their own private collection one day.




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