Liberty Harbor Park NJ

When one travels to New York City, I’m pretty sure they do NOT consider traveling via motor-home. But since that is how our family gets around these days that is what we did! California to New York for my sister-in-laws wedding. I was able to locate an actual RV park for us, not in the city but a short ferry ride away in New Jersey.

Liberty Harbor RV Park is not an RV “resort”, the “park” is an very apt description, it’s pretty much just a parking lot. But it was clean, had full time security and friendly, helpful staff. Considering the location I’d say the price was pretty fair as well and being able to see the Statue of Liberty from our living room was pretty awesome! When we decide to brave the city again, I would for sure return. And hopefully explore all the close by fun things to do as well.

Next time, I will get a subway map and a printed street map. Google maps was very little help in traveling the city and our feet paid the price of the extra miles we ended up walking. I will also try and plan our trip for when their isn’t any rain.

Generally if the weather is foul I would just have us all stay inside and read books. But when your paying more then usual to be at a park to see the city… go and see is what you do! No matter how lost and soggy you get. Thankfully it only rained on our last day.

From the resort there is a ferry a few blocks over that will take you into the city. I’d suggest doing that at least once if you have not been to NYC before, it totally adds to the magic. Or just a few blocks up was the Path (subway into NY) and the above area near that entrance boasts a farmers market. It was pretty magical emerging from the subway the first time to those surroundings. Oh and a block up from that was a street closed to cars full of great shops and restaurants. I felt like I was in a perfectly charming movie! And even found a favorite restaurant to go back to next time.

See I keep talking about next time!



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