Symposium: History

Using our chapter books for Morning Nature Study has been splendid! So much so that I needed to take another look at how we were doing Morning Symposium: History, that hasn’t been going so well. I’ve been simply reading beautiful historical fiction picture books on those Slow Loop mornings and while they are lovely we are just not connecting with them as well for morning time. So I’ve decided I need to move them over to our Books & Blankets time instead and save mornings for chapter books.

I have my eyes on a new history curriculum that we are planning on starting this fall/winter term that looks like an amazing fit for our whole family. Even dad is excited to spend those mornings with us! In the mean time I’ve decided simply read chapter books, that are sitting on my reading list waiting for a turn anyway. The new history we will be starting also follows this pattern of ancient to more modern history. So we will read our books in that order for now as well and create the flow. Plus, I already have these on my book shelf.

2017/2810 History Reading list for Symposium





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