What is the Deal with the Baskets?

I first heard about Fun-Schooling baskets shortly before I received my Mom’s Fun-Schooling Journal and while I loved the idea of them, I just couldn’t imagine how to make them work in the motor-home. Well my desire to try them won out and while they take up precious floor space and can be a pain in the tush to move them all the time, they are wonderful!

Our current Fun-Schooling Baskets

So, how do we use these? In our Slow Row there is a “scheduled” spot to use at least one every other day. But they are used more than that. For example, the other night I was finishing up dinner and the kids were in this in between place. They had just cleaned up and we’re mostly ready for bed and I didn’t want them to be jumping around while I was getting ready to plate the food. So I grabbed our Nature Study in a Basket, set it on the table and invited them to spend some time with it.

And that is exactly what they all did! Each of them picking a book or two to read or look at and when it was time to eat I had to give promises that they could visit with the basket some more before bed time. How is that for some awesome unscheduled learning?!

I like to keep the baskets full of more than just books and have added small games or manipulative to our basket. Because I’m watching our budget as well as weight (RV’s have limits after all), everything currently in our basket is stuff I happened to have everything on hand. Oh, and I like to have items that are appropriate for each age of my children and a few that might be something I would read with pictures to incites them.

Much like Books & Blankets, having these baskets out allows us to spend more time with a particular subject. It’s also given them more opportunities for the spark  that causes an interest to happen. It really is splendid watching them dig into a basket when I let them know “its basket time” even outside of our scheduled school day.



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