Fun -Schooling Pirates part 2

I wasn’t expecting to come up with more ideas for my fun-schooling pirate but he has been asking about “writing like a pirate”. And I want sure how that actually worked, then I stumbled across this calligraphy book I had in storage. It was like I found the buried treasure!

Pumpkin needs the extra penmanship practice so I let him know that he needs not do any other copy work until he had mastered his calligraphy alphabet. I showed him the book, gave him a “cheater” calligraphy pen and told him that once he masters his lower and upper case letters without looking that I would get him this real calligraphy pens. He is beyond excited!

Then while I was looking for the pen I found a bunch of our dice and whipped up a few Pirate Dice games for him to play.

Pirates vs Landlubber is a 1 person game. You need 3 dice, 2 of one color and 1 of another and a blank piece of paper for keeping score.

How to play.

  1. Roll all three dice.
  2. Add up the matching colored dice.
  3. If the single colored dice is even, the points go to the Landlubber. If the single colored dice is odd the points go to the Pirates.
  4. First on to 100 wins.

Its amazing what names things will do to inspire interest. He plays it all the time!

Pirates vs Buccaneer is a 2 person game. You need 5 dice: 2 red, 2 green and 1 blue. And a blank piece of paper for keeping score.

How to play.

  1. Pirate & Buccaneer both have a set of colored dice.
  2. Both Pirate & Buccaneer roll and cast their dice at the same time.
  3. Each player decides what order to place their dice. (We are not adding them at this point, we are creating double digit numbers.) These are the players possible points.
  4. The player with the highest number rolls the single colored dice, which is also known as the battle dice.
  5. If the battle dice rolls even the Buccaneer takes the points. If the battle dice rolls odd the Pirate takes the points.
  6. First one to 100 wins.
  7. However, if you go over 100 you have to roll the battle dice and subtract what you roll times 10 from your total.

Pumpkin also wrote a Pirate Lullaby to the tune of  Are You Sleeping.

My little Pirate.

My little Pirate.



Sailing all the seas.

Conquering  your dreams.



We also discovered that Muppet Treasure Island is on Hulu right now. So the kids very much enjoyed that and now Pumpkin is enjoying his audiobook of Treasure Island even more because he has a bit of a visual reference to go along with the story.


This post does contain affiliate links but only to things we love.





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