Buddy Reading Loop

Learning to read has been a slow and painful process for both Pumpkin and myself. Finally we are getting into a groove and while we are still slowly working on our language arts, our buddy reading and his free reading time is blossoming.

Because slow looping has been so good for all our other learning we are working it into our buddy reading as well and covering so much more!

I was really inspired to add buddy reading to our day after reading Giggle Poetry. We could have finished that book by now but taking it slow and allowing him time to really develop fluency.  It also happens to be one of his favorite books to break out at poetry tea time. I think we will have to get this Giggle Poetry book after we finish the first one.

In the mean time I want to make sure I’m providing a variety of reading styles and subjects for our buddy reading time. I like keeping that Charlotte Mason “feast of ideas” available to him throughout the day and I like being able to work in “subjects” outside of that scheduled time. So I searched our small bookshelf and found some options we happened to have on hand.

By the way, buddy reading is such a hit in our house that Macaroon suggested we do it the other day. Aw kiddo, you’re not reading yet.



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