School on Travel Days

We travel…a lot! And if we skipped school every travel day we wouldn’t be able to take off other days. That just doesn’t work for us. Therefore, we have “lessons” for travel days. (By the way, these lessons work great for when mama needs to call in sick too.)

For the most part my instructions are, “Play a number game and a letter/reading game.” And, “listen to such and such audio book”. (Check out our collection for Listing Time.) Golly, too easy right? But these apps are amazing and since it’s not our full curriculum, it’s just the right balance of review and sometimes even new.

For the most part I don’t need to tell the kids to play any of these games, they choose them all on their own. Or they are asking me if they can play.

As always, all affiliate links are to the things we enjoy.

We have one iPad, it’s mama’s but loaded with apps for the kids and in a nifty kid friendly case. Each Pasterie also has their own kindle fire that they revived for Christmas right before we hit the road safe in there Otter Box.

Kindle Apps

Apps on Ipad (I have no clue how to add links to these most apps, sorry.)

  • Zcooly Time Ranch
  • Zcooly Store
  • Hooked on Phonics Big Read Show
  • Hooked on Phonics K
  • Hooked on Phonics 1st
  • Hooked on Phonics pro
  • Epic! books for kids  I cannot say all the good things about this app! It has a selection of books that rivals our old home library but also includes read to me books, audio books and kid safe videos. I also have this app on my phone and being able to pull up a book to go along with what we happen to be seeing while we are out and about it amazing and much more child friendly then google.
  • Leaning With Homer (also for computer) Not just an app but also includes free pintables. This is a must have for my kids and includes so much fun learning! And I have to admit to love the Folk Song section just as much as the kids.


Again, we don’t do all these apps every day or every week. Most days are our normal Slow Loop days full of Symposium and Fun-Schooling and other Hands on Learning, but on days that we are “long in the saddle” or “I just can’t” these make sure we get our hours in.





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