Review Bible Games Math, Spelling & Creativity

My goodness, it’s hard to have a favorite Thinking Tree Journal but this mama loves this Bible Games Math, Spelling & Creativity so very much! Okay, it might be because the scriptures minister so to my heart and hearing my son read them, explain them and the later chat about them with his siblings is so encouraging. But I think it’s also this blend of math, spelling and creativity. Just reading the journal and working it out in my head I can almost feel all the different parts of my of my brain working. I imagine it’s running all cylinders of my sons.

This post does contain affiliate links, but as always only to things we love.

This journal has Bible verses to read, fill in the blank and copy work pages. For mathematics the focus is multiplication and skip counting. There is some drawing and almost every page has some logic puzzles.

The instructions for this Journal says to use 3 pages per day, we don’t. Sometimes Pumpkin will do two pages a day but most of the time he does just one. I’m totally okay with that because it lets him spend more time with each verse and it’s like a good stew that has been simmering. Taking it slow is a really good fit for him and our Minimalist Lesson Plan for him this summer/fall. I’m even tempted to pick up another one of these for my mom-schooling and it will be one my younger Pastries get to do as well when they are of age.



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