Nature Study in a Basket

Our Travel the World in a Basket has been so amazing that I’ve decided that it’s about time to share our Nature Study Basket. It’s pretty well loved in our home as well.

Since I’ve grown from a happy bird nerd (yes, that is what I fondly call my love for bird watching) to a full on nature enthusiast, I’ve discovered that I do love reading and studying all things nature. Even textbooks!

Yes, this mama enjoys those text books when she is reading about something she had been inspired to study. Thankfully I’ve stumbled across some living text books but no surprise my oldest doesn’t even mind some of the traditional ones I’ve thrifted and have inspired him to search out things he never thought of before. ( FYI, that “inspiration” is a fun-schooling key that I’ve read about in my own lessons here.)

This post does contain affiliate links, but as always only to things we love.

Our Symposium Nature Study time is splendid and I’m delighted that my children are enjoying the stories as much as I am and are learning so much as well. It’s been a truly lovely time and creating a peaceful rhythm to our weeks that I’ve not been able to find while traveling! But I want them to have more then just my reading with them and our out in the world explorations. So like with our need to have something handy for deeper geography studies, providing one for nature is only logical. (Yes, I am a fan of Spock.)

Currently in our Nature Study Basket …or on our shelf to rotate in

  • Apologia Flying Creatures. The whole collection of these is on my list as resource.
  • Rod & Staff 1 & 2 God’s Marvelous Works from 1974. These were thrifted, but the new ones from Rod & Staff are lovely too.
  • National Geographic for Kids Magazine and a handful of early readers
  • Note cards & colored pencils
  • Bird Field Journal This was a birthday gift I was able to choose for me a few years ago.
  • Found Nature Treasures
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Pocket Microscope
  • Lyrical Science
  • Wildlife Watcher
  • and well just a hodge-podge of what we have on hand. Check out my IG for a visual peak.

On our list for new inspiration and deeper study


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