Morning Musings: When I Rise

Nothing share worthy from my devotions stood out this morning, at least not without sharing the whole thing. But As I sit in the quiet of my room, soft sweet voices of my husband visiting with our children, I am blessed by this moment alone to ready my heart and mind for the day.

In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus!

Have you seen the beautiful art work that includes quotes like this? I have and am often drawn toward them. But more often in the morning when I rise I’m instead seeking caffeine instead.  “In the morning when I rise, give me tea!” While everyone else looks at me “In the morning give me breakfast.”

Now let me be clear, I sit hear in this uncommonly extra relaxed state is not because I prepared for a restful morning. Its because my big two have learned how to make tea for mama and coffee for daddy. Its because my husband is giving me this extra time while he feeds them. (He actually does this often for me, but in my slow start mornings I often neglect that memory while nursing a funky attitude.)

But this morning, I’ve first taken the time to read the Word. I’ve managed to keep the habit from You Version #Biblefor21 and while I first reach for my phone, its now the Bible app I am pulling up instead of Facebook or Instagram. Most mornings.

If you want to know what I am currently readying via You Version, its a devotional called Glimpses of Grace. A 14-day devotional by Gloria Furman. Today’s reading was from Titus and gave me good things to chew on.